Xenophobia: Racism and Different Cultures Essay

Xenophobia: Racism and Different Cultures Essay
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Xenophobia: Racism and Different Cultures

Xenophobia is certainly a big problem in modern society. Every continent, country, and citizen of the world has to face this problem every day. Many actions are taken by organization anti-racism and anti-discriminations, but unfortunately not everybody is as open-minded as the members of these groups. The close contact between people from different cultures or different ethnic groups has always a different outcome, depending on how open minded the two or more people are.

Most people think that “white” people are the most averse and the most closed-minded, and the ones that do not always want to mix with other cultures. This is not always true, as I have personal experience where different ethnic groups were quite skeptic about having white people in their villages. Personally, I am very open towards these “foreigners”, as it is always a new opportunity to learn about other cultures. I find it fascinating that the world has so many different cultures, ethnic groups and colors.

Not many people though have my same luck, and this causes most of the wars, riots and street-fights. I think that we could reduce these fears by mixing cultures, and teach the children to accept everybody that is either the same as you or of a different color or religion. If governments hire specialist teachers that at least once a week explain the difference between “us” and “them”, and helps the kids to understand why or how we are different, and why it is so beautiful to have many different cultures.

Propaganda on culture mixes would have to be everywhere, so that people growing up they would see people of different nations, sex, race, politics or cultures and accept them as their brothers. To my advice, nowadays society kind of teaches us to be xenophobic, but it is slowly dissolving. Governments are always in action to prevent street-fights and riots, and there is also a form of advertisement that induces people to think about the world society. There are even some organizations that promote Erasmus, which is studying outside the borders of your country.

This is a very positive act and all universities around the world should start adopting this system. Many revolutionary people expressed their idea on Xenophobia, and one better than the other. My favorite quote was said by Franklin Roosevelt, as he said “Remember, remember always that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists”. This quote is particularly important as it was said in a time period where racism and segregation were part of everyday life. Those were the times where black people were discriminated and the world had a terrible disease: racism.


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