Why People Shouldnt Steal Things Essay

Why People Shouldnt Steal Things Essay
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Why People Shouldnt Steal Things

Stealing is pretty much putting your life in jeopardy, your reputation gets ruined, there are consequences to face, and it is illegal and of course forbidden.

For example, Stealing puts your reputation on the line, your known as the person who’s in and out of juvenile facility centers. You influence people in a bad way. You also let everyone know that you’re out and all about trouble. You will be known as the troubled kid. No one would want you around their kids or around them.

Another thing is you have other consequences to face when you steal. If you are an under aged child you look forward to juvenile, court, judges to face, community service sessions, And fines to pay. If you are an adult you are facing pretty much the same but more intense punishment. Most likely jail, Then you wait for them to transport you to court so you can find out what your getting charged with and what your sentence will be.

Another example of why you shouldn’t steal is because its illegal and forbidden and also disrespectful. In 49 states out of 52 they prosecute thieves to the max. If you use as restroom at a public store on the stalls the front door, or on the back of the bathroom doors, “Do Not Steal We Prosecute” and when I seen those signs it never occurred to me how serious, After the first time I stole every time I needed something it never hit me that money was the issue I just wanted to steal because it was easy and I never thought I’d get caught,

But after what I’ve put myself threw, I never want to put myself in that position again stealing and having to face the consequences I’m going to have to face at seventeen years old, I’ve messed up bad and now I have a record I shouldn’t have because I’m smarter and brighter than that and I’ve learned my lesson.


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