Weintraub Essay Essay

Weintraub Essay Essay
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Weintraub Essay

Daniel Weintraub, in “The Battle against Fast Food Begins in the Home,” states that parents are responsible for the increasing epidemic of child obesity. In our world today, children sit around & play video games all day, if they are allowed to. Weintraub argues that parents need to “step up to the plate” and get children involved in some type of exercise. I agree with Weintraub’s opinion that parents are responsible. If parents would start teaching kids early on, they could use that impressionable quality to their advantage.

Parents have a lot of influences on their children from the day they are born. Weather they feed them healthy or unhealthy. Children learn how to talk respectfully, and how to respect their elders from parents. Not only should they learn that but parents should encourage them healthy eating habits. A parent should take the time of day to cook them healthy things instead of junk. They could make sure that a child receives a serving of fruits or vegetables at lunch and dinner to eliminate soda and all junk food from the house.

At a young age, parents need to teach kids that there is more to life than just sitting around watching television or being on their electronics every day. Parents could introduce their children to different sports until the child finds one that he or she is interested in. For example my mother’s boss is teaching her daughter healthy eating habits. She comes home to make lunch so she can make sure that she is eating healthy. She always tells me that when you have well eating habits nothing can stop you from being healthy

Conclusion to this is that the truth is that no child can grow up to be an intelligent human being without a proper education, whether it is in mathematics or eating habits. Fast food companies are always going to compete for customers and try to make money, but they cannot control our decisions. The only people that can make choices for us are ourselves, and we cannot make the right choices without proper education from our parents.


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