The Book Report of Robinson Crusoe Essay

The Book Report of Robinson Crusoe Essay
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The Book Report of Robinson Crusoe

Reading Defoe’s” Robinson Crusoe”, it lets me know that the importance of the courage and knowledge. He dares to insist his own dream in the face of his father’s objection. In addition, it’s not a coincidence that Robinson could survive in a no human habitation on the island alone for 28 years, but his wisdom and knowledge. This figure impressed me a lot, and his courage and wisdom become a monument in my heart! I would like to share some pieces of this book to express how much I admire him.

In chapter one, the story has not begun actually. It shows us the background of the main character and the whole story. Robinson Crusoe was born in a very good family in the city of York. His father hopes him to learn law in a country free-school, but Robinson is satisfied with nothing but go to sea. And one day he goes to the Hull City and one of his companions is about to sail to London in his father’s ship, and he prompts Robinson to go. He goes with his companion with no hesitation.

At that time, Robinson is 19 years old. It’s brave. But, it is a misfortune that as soon as the ship puts off the harbor, the heavy storm strikes the ship. Robinson is afraid and being horrible, so that he swears in his heart that once he can pull through this crisis, he will be back to his parents embraces, and submit himself to their directions the time ever after. While, everything becomes smooth on next day, and the scene is very beautiful and lovely.

Robinson drinks a bottle of sweet wine, and his mood is changed into bright. It is nature that he forgot what he was experienced and what he would like to be yesterday. And we can see Robinson’s main character in this spot, that is, he is kittle cattle who always mess up sth and bring himself fall into disaster. Every time when he suffering in it, he feels regretful and he must take an oath, but he will forget everything after the events.


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