Texas Roadhouse Essay

Texas Roadhouse Essay
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Texas Roadhouse


Employee motivation is very important in the workplace. It is the driving force for organizations to build a foundation between the employer and employee. Many companies understand the importance of employee motivation. Motivation is critical to the outcome of employee performance. It is a tool that is used to help employers and employees have a great work environment. Texas Roadhouse is an organization that has implemented the importance of employee motivation Noe et al’s (2011). By implementing different employee motivation methods they have come to realize that happy employees produce great job performance Noe et al’s (2011).

Texas Roadhouse Won’t Scrimp on Making Employees Happy
Taking Care of Employees

Texas Roadhouse is an organization that has set a high level of expectation to ensure their employees are happy with their work environment (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2011). The organization has proven to set these standards to show other establishments that if their employees are happy then they will make sure their customers are satisfied with their purchase Noe et al’s (2011). According to their CEO J.Hart, it is important that employees are recognized and rewarded for their job performance Noe et al’s (2011). This is a cliché for companies but Texas Roadhouse put it into action. Therefore, during an economic downfall they are still able to services their employees with a high level of job security and enjoyable work environment Noe et al’s (2011).

CEO J. Hart made it clear to his subordinates that it is important that they keep employees happy Noe et al’s (2011). By emphasizing employee satisfaction, Texas Roadhouse understands that their employees are the driving force for their company’s success (Texas Roadhouse, 2011). They are committed to making sure the work environment of their employees is fun, carry passion, and has integrity (Texas Roadhouse, 2011). Therefore, their employees play a vital role in the outcome of their company success (Texas Roadhouse, 2011). Employees that work in a happy environment produce better outcomes in the workplace. Managers that recognize, reward, and make the environment fun for employees, receive better work from the employees (James, 2012).

Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is plays an important role in the workplace. Texas Roadhouse has found a way to help keep their employees motivated beyond imagination Noe et al’s (2011). Their company uses money as a tool to help increase the moral of their employees Noe et al’s (2011). They allowed competitive competitions that would give employees a chance to win a significant amount of money Noe et al’s (2011). This is a great tool to help keep employees motivated about their job performance. It was during the recession that they were still able to keep their employees motivated Noe et al’s (2011). There are other methods of motivation that Texas Roadhouse could have used to keep their employees motivated. The first method that could be used to keep employees motivated is giving employees additional time off for reaching specific goals that has been set by management (Worman, 2010).

The next method would be providing an enjoyable work environment (10 Employee Motivation Techniques That Will Pump Up Employees, 2012). When companies provide an enjoyable work environment it helps release stress and increase the level of performance (10 Employee Motivation Techniques That Will Pump Up Employees, 2012). The last method that could be used to motivate employees is implementing flexible work schedules (10 ways to motivate employees, 2012). This allows the employee to set their schedules based on their personal need (10 ways to motivate employees, 2012). If Texas Roadhouse utilizes these methods, their employees will continue to enjoy their work experience and better their work performance (10 Employee Motivation Techniques That Will Pump Up Employees, 2012).

Effectiveness of Employee Motivation Methods

Texas Roadhouse Company understands the importance of keeping their employees motivated and happy about coming to the workplace Noe et al’s (2011). They would continue to increase the morale of their employees by implementing other alternative methods in the workplace. By implementing the time off motivation method for their employees, the increase in production would be effective for the company (Worman, 2010). It would be effective in a way that would satisfy the employee and the employer. The next motivation method that would be effective in the workplace is an enjoyable work environment. The enjoyable work environment motivation method would be effective based on presenting an environment where each individual can perform job duties stress free (10 Employee Motivation Techniques That Will Pump Up Employees, 2012).

Having less stress will not only increase employee performance but, it will also make the atmosphere in the workplace more peaceful to work in (10 ways to motivate employees, 2012). The flexible work schedule motivation method would have a major effect on the employee and employer (10 Employee Motivation Techniques That Will Pump Up Employees, 2012). This method would be effective because employees have a choice to work according to their personal needs. The outcome of this method would be great because work-life balance is an important factor in the life of employees (10 ways to motivate employees, 2012).

Texas Roadhouse Setting Standards

Texas Roadhouse has set a high standard for other organizations that are trying to find ways to motivate their employees Noe et al’s (2011). They have been successful in a very difficult economic recession Noe et al’s (2011). It may be very difficult for Texas Roadhouse to transfer their standards to other organizations. The economic difficulty that the world is faced with would cause other organizations to be more skeptical of transferring Texas Roadhouse motivation standards to their company. The employee response may differ from other organizations than Texas Roadhouse. The way the employer handles their employees will determine the outcome of how other organizations employees will respond.

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