Terrorism Study Essay

Terrorism Study Essay
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Terrorism Study

What do you think of when you hear the word terrorism? Most people will refer to the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Of course, these were horrific attacks especially considering over 3,000 people lost their lives that day. There was no precedent like that before. Unfortunately, though, that is not the only terrorist attack in history. Terrorism has existed in the world for quite a long time. Terrorism hits home for many people who were or shall I say are in some way involved with the effects of terrorist activity. As you continue to read my paper I will talk about what terrorism is, why terrorism matters to me, and why it affects me. What exactly is terrorism? Well, there are many different definitions out there. However, these definitions have certain things in common. Terrorism involves extraordinary violence. It is intended to create massive fear and involves a planned attack for a purpose, often against something or someone.

While terrorism is meant to be an act of violence to bring about change, it is usually not committed by those officially in the government. Usually, terrorist groups have fewer members than you would think. They want to be dramatic and attract attention by carrying out a bloody act. They hope to gain power and influence due to their act. Terrorism has become a huge matter in my life. It has caused sadness not only to me but to hundreds of people around the world, but the number one reason it matters so much to me is due to having my dad serving with the United State Marine Corp. My dad just as other dads and mothers has served three tours since this war began. So many families have been broken up and we have also lost so many men and women at war due to terrorism. After seeing so many of our close friends and families lose a loved one at war has not only allowed me to become more educated with the war by also with different changes that have occurred due to the terrorism that happened since September 11, 2001.

For example we have so many people complain about our security policies that we go through at airports. I can understand how going through and x-ray machine, being padded down at times, and people going through your belongings can be somewhat humiliating to some people. But, lets focus on the big picture here. The better security we have here in the US the less chance we have for terrorism attacks. That in the long run will also bring our loved ones back home and eventually stop us from being at war. Having my dad serve three tours had been a huge concern to me and my family. It has made me look at life differently and has allowed me to realize how important or freedom is and how much I have learned to admire and appreciate all our troops. Finally I will share a few reason on why terrorism has affected me.

Due to terrorism my dad has had to serve in Afghanistan and Iraq. Ever since his first tour my dad has not been the same dad I was used to having. Traumatic events experienced while at war has caused him to suffer from PTSD ( Post Dramatic Syndrome Disorder). The absence of the military parent, and other stresses are common for military families, but the deployment of a parent to a combat zone represent a challenge of a different magnitude. Since I am the oldest and a male at that I have had to grow up faster than normal kids my age so that I could help my mom with my brother and sister. I have also been there to help my sister and brother understand where our dad was at why he was there. There hardest part of it all was trying to answer them when they would ask me is dad dead or alive.

Me being the oldest I knew that was and answer that was out of my control but always found someway and somehow to assure them that he was ok. Till this day our family deals and struggles with challenges my making sure my dad is getting the proper medical care and the challenge of us learning how to cope with his disorder. Terrorism is a horrible act of violence that causes so many changes and challenges in life. The mental health of the returning service member also affects us children as well as family functioning and relationship satisfaction. Therefore, it is important that the needs of the entire family are considered. Now let’s all join together to fight towards making the US a safe place to be at.


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