Teenager’s social life Essay

Teenager’s social life Essay
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Teenager’s social life

Teenager social life is a very serious problem in this generation and there is many kind of problem, for examples: friends, gossip, communication, bullying, peer pressure, social networks, and the like. In the same time, there are many ways by letting teenagers easily get influenced. And most of the teenagers been influenced is because of family problems and friends issues. So today we will be exploring this social problem that would affect the forefront of teenage life. Teenagers’ social life is all about how a teenager will become and in the same time family and friend is the most important characters in these cases. Most of the socialization teenagers are because of their parents did not spend their times with their children. As parents, is to properly shelter their own children until they are mature enough to handle “the next step”.

In fact, parents always thinks that their children able to solve their own problems. But the fact is, teenagers should always be accompanied by their parents, giving them supports and guide. Besides that, parents should always give more times to them and cares of what they means. It is responsibility as parents. In the other hand, friends also played a very important role in teenager social life. Friend is the one that alike as our family whenever our family isn’t beside us. Friends can easily influence teenager being good or bad, just depends on what kind of friends that you joined. Among of the teenager started to have some events like clubbing or gambling.

Teenager would curious everything in their first touch, maybe, this kind of event is their friend wanted them to join or forcing them. By touching in this kind of events, they easily attracted in liquors and cigarettes. Known as peer pressure. In this generation, adolescents been facing too many problem of social. In that case, we should more aware to know how to make a good choice and also always think in positive way to solve all the problems. Having a good communication with parents/friends is the main key to leading us to our bright future. We hope that parents to give their children time and care to know what their teenagers needs.


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