Sun Network – Kalanidhi Maran Essay

Sun Network – Kalanidhi Maran Essay
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Sun Network – Kalanidhi Maran

I welcome you to my presentation on India’s media baron also known as the sunshine boy of india, yes i am here to deliver a small presentation on Mr Kalanidhi Maran. ,founder , Chairman and the ex managing director of Sun Networks. Sun network is considered as The most profitable broadcaster in Asia and the largest satellite tv network in india. Before i could present the different businesses that function under the parent company Sun Network i would like to share the early life and family back ground of Mr Kalanithi Maran.

Born on July 24th 1964 in one of the most powerful political family in tamil nadu. He is none other than the grand nephew of the former chief minister of tamil nadu Dr Karunanidhi , president of DMKparty, Kalanithi maran’s father Murasoli Maran , ex Union minister for commerce . Kalanidhi’s brother is also a well known face in the Indian politics, former union minister for information technology and communication and textile ministry Mr dhayanidhi maran.

Born in such an influential family helped him to pursue his education in some of the best institutions. He did his schooling in Egmore Don bosco Chennai After which he went on to Loyola College Chennai where he was elected as the student chairman and is still remembered for leading an agitation on the evils faced by the tamilians living in Srilanka. He also received his MBA from University of Scranton, Pennsylvania USA.

He started his career in late 80’s with a weekly tamil magazine named ”Kunkumam” which was owned by his father murasoli maran. He worked with kunkumam where he learnt the advantages and scope for media in India. In 1990 at the age of 26 he started his own monthly video newsmagazine named poomalai which was circulated among the tamils in india and abroad. Here he realised the acceptance of video format in magazines but this business failed ,because of the piracy problem that prevailed thus prompting him to start a television channel.

Kalanidhi maran realised the difficulties in starting a tv channel directly so he wanted to learn the nuances of the game before venturing into the business so for the first time he approached zee tv with the idea of airing 3 hours of tamil shows which was rejected straight away and later on accepted by ATN channel. But Kalanidhi’s aim was to start a 24 hour tv channel. On April 14th 1993 Sun TV was born with an investment of 20 Lakhs by availing a bank loan. Expanded its operations to a 24 hour tv channel in tamil telugu kannada Malayalam and Bengali languages nd thus sun network was born .

Kalanidhi’s brand of leadership is marked by innovation and staying several steps ahead of competition. At a time when news programming was considered a non-revenue-generating obligation, his was the first private channel in the country to telecast a Daily News Bulletin. The phenomenal success of Sun TV’s News, rewrote viewership and advertising projections. Today, Sun TV is also the first channel in the country to set up its own earth station.


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