Sport and leisure Essay

Sport and leisure Essay
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Sport and leisure

1. You cannot bring in pre written answers or notes.
2. You may bring in texts, journal articles, newspaper articles and web resources. You may also bring Lecture power points but with NO added notes from lectures on them. 3. You may bring in as many texts as you want – but no written comments can be in them. 4. You must use at least 6 references. Three must be drawn from text, journal, web or newspaper article. The other 3 can be any combination. Please adhere to the Harvard system & the full reference set/bibliography must be added at the end of the written assignment .

WRITING TIME is 1 hour. Please note you are only allowed to use ONE WEBSITE, as part of your 6 references. 5. Please note: if you require additional time and/or literacy support please notify me before you begin. WEEKLY THEMES: Please select ONE of weekly themes and answer ONE of the set questions. Theme: History of sport, socio-historical perspectives and the sports venue A) Select a sport. DISCUSS how your selected sport can be understood by its history. B) Explain how the sports venue (or venues) reflects the historical evolution of sports.

Theme: Introduction to sociology of sport and theory
A) Outline the sociology of sport.
B) Sociology of sport examines social problems related to sport. Discuss

Theme: Identifying the Nature and Leisure

A) Outline the nature of sport. Discuss with reference to the existence of nature of sport in contemporary Western society. B) How we spend our leisure-time is related to where we live, our class, age, and ethnicity. Discuss

Theme: Introduction to Sociology of Sport and Health
A) Sport and exercise promotes well-being. Discuss.
B) Outline the relationship between sport, exercise and health.


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