Sandwich Blitz Method Essay

Sandwich Blitz Method Essay
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Sandwich Blitz Method

1) Creating a new position between the CEO and the location manager would help the business to grow many ways. First it would allow Dalman and Lei to focus on the greater goal of the company, and leave the researching of franchising or opening up more company owned shops to the potential position. This position could take away a lot of the stress that the two feel as business owners, he or she could handle a lot of the necessary tasks, and then give Dalman and Lei a monthly briefing, allowing them to still be a part of the decision making process, but without all of the added stress.

2) I don’t think that promoting an existing manager would be the best option. If the existing manager is already doing a great job at another store than it would be foolish to pull him or her from that position and throw them into something that they aren’t familiar with. I think the best option would be to hire someone who could specialize and had a good background in the position that they want to hire for.

3) It should be Dalman and Lei who decide the position between CEO and the location manager. If this person is going to be essentially second in command to them, they are going to want to pick them out, and make sure the meet all their needed requirements.

4) The new order of authority would be: CEO/CFO, the new position, Accountant, Managers 1-8, their specific team supervisors (same order as managers), and then the corresponding CA’s.


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