Samsung and Apple Marketing Essay

Samsung and Apple Marketing Essay
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Samsung and Apple Marketing

The focus of Samsung in terms of marketing? First of all I am going to tell you more about the first sub question: what is the focus of Samsung in terms of Marketing . I am going to tell you about The triple bottom line, which is also known as people, planet, and profit, which includes criteria for sustainability. People Samsung

Samsung’s citizenship efforts comprehend a wide range of areas that touch people’s lives, including social welfare, culture, volunteer services and education. This indicates that Samsung attaches value to people.

Planet Samsung Samsung undertakes worldwide many environmental initiatives. Samsung has a leading position in providing environmentally friendly products to consumers and is committed to product accountability throughout the life cycle of its products. We may conclude from this that Samsung attach value to planet as well. Profit Samsung

In 2011 the profit of Samsung was 42 billion dollars in sales, Samsung invests about $2 billion dollars a year in Research this is about 20% more than their next closest competitor which is Apple. This leadership level of investment is multiplied by Samsung global network of external innovation partners, which leads to an effective investment in innovation that far exceeds the reported spending.

The marketing strategy of Samsung? Samsung focuses on selling products by popularizing best of breed technology. Social media is very important for Samsung. They’ve a Twitter and Facebook account with millions of followers. Samsung also hires famous celebrities to promote their galaxy phones in video clips or in soap series. like the Dutch soap series good times and bad times you can see that all the actors are using a Samsung galaxy phone to promote it. Samsung Electronics has proven to the business world that they are one of the most prominent technology companies in the industry. With more technology advancements than our market can handle at this point and time.

Samsung has paved the way for the future in electronics. One of the most popular new “toys” in the market today, are the unbelievable Galaxy phones. The first Galaxy was launched in June of 2010, and has already had a major impact on the market. With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 earlier last year, Samsung dominated the market, controlling 21.6% of the total share.

Samsung’s high-end Smartphone, the Galaxy S3, is incomparable to competition with its thin design. The Galaxy S3 also comes with a full color spectrum that makes for an incredible viewing experience. Although Samsung is dominating the phone market, we still have very detailed strategies and tactics that we believe will give us an increased competitive advantage over our competition.

The company’s main emphasis the past couple years has been on integration, union, and encouraging innovation. Samsung is always preparing for the next big item to hit the market, which is why their technology is so far ahead of all leading competitors.

What may the future of Samsung?

Samsung launched the galaxy S3 last year. Samsung is going to launch galaxy S4 this year. In the future Samsung also will launch more new phones, but they also may launch a new tablet or a smart TV but with more functions. Conclusion

Samsung will continue to break records. Samsung is currently the biggest phone maker in the coming period and will remain so. Samsung is not only to phones, but also to televisions, washing machines, laptop etc. Samsung is definitely going to launch new phones in the future. Samsung must continue to do what they are doing and that is being innovative and invents new technologies.


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