Revolutionizing Filipino Mindsets Essay

Revolutionizing Filipino Mindsets Essay
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Revolutionizing Filipino Mindsets

National consciousness among Filipinos is faced with a lot of challenges today. There is a need to revolutionize mindsets and one big factor that has a big impact in the process of revolutionary mindsets is the Media. It is unfortunate that a lot of what the media shows to the public represses transformation. A lot of soap operas that are being shown are remakes of western ones which are usually Korean or Mexican. Products like food and gadgets that are being endorsed are often western brands. In the news, a lot of political issues are centered on corruption making the Political world of the Philippines very controversial.

With all these that represses transformation, there is also a rising movement in the process of revolutionizing mindsets. A lot of local commercials or advertisements are using concepts that depict Filipino culture. Examples would be the “Lucky Soda” crackers that shows the Filipino value of hating-kapatid; Nestle: 100 years na pag-ibig; “Alaska” with the concept of fiesta sa baryo; Blend 45: Gising Pinoy; Modess: Makabagong Pilipina.

A rising number of TV series are contributing to the transformation such as “MagTV na:atin to!” featuring the different landmarks and cultures around the Philippines; “Jessica Soho” and “Rated K” featuring not only interesting stories and topics related to the Filipino culture or heritage but also the modern Filipinos of today;

The channel IBC 13 has a lot of shows relating to Filipino consciousness: “Cooltura” which feature various landmarks around the Philippines including the rich culture of the Philippines; “Tipong Pinoy” , “Landmarks” and “Balay, Tirahan, Kanlungan” featuring landmarks around the Philippines together with the rich history that is attached to the place . In the news, Filipino achievements around the world, big or small are being given emphasis.

The Filipino people should be made aware that cultural identity is an unrealized asset for national development. Movements that help transformation should be supported and be given much importance to preserve our culture and to awaken the national consciousness of Filipinos.


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