Reserve Officers’ Training Corps and Peer Pressure Essay

Reserve Officers’ Training Corps and Peer Pressure Essay
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Reserve Officers’ Training Corps and Peer Pressure

Peer pressure comes in many different forms. There is smoking, drinking, and the pressure to be as thin as the celebrities on television and magazines. Peer pressure can make a person do things that normally they would never do. How are you supposed to deal with it when for most people it’s everywhere around them? My solution was JROTC, or Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. JROTC helps you deal with these things by building your self-esteem, you set a goal for your life ahead, and you don’t want to let the instructors down. JROTC has morphed me into the leader I am today.

The program helps you deal with peer pressure and so much more. In JROTC, they teach you a lot of things. For example, drill, first aid, map reading, and how to stay physically fit. Most importantly, the program teaches you self-esteem. When your self-esteem is high, you’ll have the integrity to make your own choices. You learn how to do the right thing despite pressure to do the wrong thing. You will be your own leader and you will be able to make your own wise decisions. You also learn to wear your uniform with pride. There are many veterans out there who wear their uniforms with all the pride in the world.

You should be honored to wear it, and as you grow as a leader, you will earn more awards, once that happens your self-esteem soars like an eagle. In JROTC, they teach you how to set goals. Peer pressure can have horrible effects on your future. If you’re under the influence, it could drive you to make bad decisions. With the goals JROTC has helped you make, you will take your future seriously and you will have the motivation and dedication to the program and to yourself to not fall into the temptation of peer pressure. The choices you make now will affect you for the rest of your life.

The program helps you make the right decisions towards your future. In JROTC they have instructors. Their job is to teach us cadets about the military and so on. What they don’t have to do though is care about your well-being. But they do. Whenever you’re upset about something, they’re there to help you through it. They care so much for their cadets. I know they would be disappointed if I fell into peer pressure. To prevent their disappointment in me, I take control of the situation and I just say no. They teach us how to be your own leader and to make the best decisions that will better your future.

Because of them, I will be the best leader I can be and I will not fall into the temptation of peer pressure. In conclusion, JROTC helps me deal with peer pressure in many different ways. They help me build my self-esteem so I will know the difference between right and wrong, they help you set goals for your future that you don’t want to risk losing, and you don’t want to let the instructors down. As a little girl, I had the aspiring dream of becoming a United States soldier. With all of the things JROTC has taught me, I can do just that. I will not fall into peer pressure and jeopardize my future like that. It’s all thanks to JROTC.


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