Punctuation error in your writing. Essay

Punctuation error in your writing. Essay
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Punctuation error in your writing.

Making mistakes in subject-verb agreement has always been my weakness when it comes to the grammar of my writing. I keep on doing the same grammatical lapses again and again. There are several rules regarding subject-verb agreement, of course, and being ignorant of one or two of them is forgivable, but what is unforgivable if you know the rule and yet continue to make the same mistake.

The simple rule which I keep slipping n is the agreement of subject and verb in terms of number, especially in a present tense sentence.

The rule states that when the subject is singular, the verb should also be singular. Inversely, when the subject is plural, the verb should also be plural. The difference between a singular and a plural verb is one letter ā€œsā€ and oftentimes I would omit, usually unknowingly or by carelessness, putting that one letter. I have tried to correct the bad habit by being more conscious about my writing, during and after writing.

While writing and every time I am to write an action word, I would constantly remind myself to look back to the subject of the verb. During revision of what I wrote, I would run through the entire piece with the one purpose of looking for subject-verb agreement mistakes. I would check for errors in punctuation, spelling, and style during the first revision, but focus on subject-verb agreement on the second run-through.


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