Proper Equipment Essay

Proper Equipment Essay
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Proper Equipment

The reason you should always have your proper equipment and be in the proper uniform is because if your not it can result in not being well prepared for the mission, which could ultimately result in mission failure and even worse loss of life. At training today I was unprepared to train today because we were told that if we were gunners that we were required to have a whistle on us at all times today and that it was going to be used to stop intersections and gain peoples’ attention, in a combat environment.

Today when I did not bring my whistle to training I knowingly disobeyed a lawful order from a noncommissioned officer which could have resulted in UCMJ action. I was both disrespectful and insubordinate when I did knowingly did this. My biggest mistake was thinking that it was okay to not have my equipment because it was not issued.

I should have taken it upon my self and notified my team leader that due to the fact. That I had recently in-processed this unit and had not gotten all of my supply issued items, that I did not have my equipment. Had I done this I could have possibly been prepared for training, because my Team Leader may have had the equipment for me to use so that I could train properly.

Another reason that having your proper equipment is so important is because if today was a real world situation in combat then If we had pulled up to an intersection where a possible VBIED had been then by having my whistle I would have been able to follow the proper procedures for escalating my levels of force because without my whistle I would have not followed the rules of engagement properly which could have resulted in me getting an Article 15 because I did not follow the standard operating procedures.

Another Reason that having your equipment is very important is because every piece of equipment you have is vital to mission success and preservation of life. If I was in combat and I forgot to bring my magazines for my M4 then I would not be combat effective. just like not having my whistle. What if I had been in a situation down range where I would have needed to get a person’s attention and I had not have my proper equipment i. (my whistle) then I would be setting my battle buddies of for the possibility of becoming casualties or fatalities because of my blatant disregard to follow a simple order to have a whistle on me at all times because I am a gunner. The importance of having all your gear and the proper gear for the mission is all too obvious.

Even if you think about the movie black hawk down in a way, they did the same thing I did. Which was make assumptions based off of what they thought was the right thing. when in the end it turned out to be a catastrophic mistake that cost many people their lives. Just because they took it upon themselves to make decisions instead of listening to the orders that their leaders had given them.


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