Philosophy of Healthcare Essay

Philosophy of Healthcare Essay
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Philosophy of Healthcare

This paper analyzes seven view points on the topic of Philosophy of Healthcare. The seven view points are blended into this paper by discussing what factors highly influenced my decision to choose healthcare as my set profession in life. Also discussing the Nature of Mankind, stating a few qualities that are highly important in our society and give examples of how it is used in our everyday life. This paper will further discuss the Brokenness of Mankind and what I believe are my most important qualities that I will be able to bring into the medical field.

Discuss different ways how handle conflict and stress that can someday lead to “burnout” in healthcare. Along the topic of talking about the Brokenness of Mankind, I will debate if there is a difference between healing and curing. Last, I will altercate the Value of Mankind and in what ways this could be appropriate for faith to play a part in giving care in healthcare. Keywords: none. Philosophy of Healthcare Final Project Seven Points of Philosophy of Healthcare Back when I was a young child in elementary school, my first grade teacher asked me and all my other classmates, “What do you want to be when you grow up?!

One girl said a private eye investigator; a boy who played on the peewee football team for our city said he wanted to be the quarterback of any NFL team. When it was finally my turn to say what I wish to do for the rest of my life, I said I wanted to be a professional ice skater! I came to realize six years later that that was never going to be my reality and I had to think about what really would interest me. One good quality everyone said I obtained was caring for others and how I always am the first to aid someone in need.

I spent most of my time in the hospital visiting my grandmother and I always thought it was amazing to see the doctors rush to a patient or watch the nurses do their rounds. I told my mother I wanted to work in the hospital as a volunteer and she said I should so I did and I fell even more in love. Seeing all of the things going on in the hospital influenced me to really pursue this profession. What also influenced me was seeing how my pediatrician cared for other kids and was always taking good care of not only myself, but others as well. In this profession people need to possess very important virtues.

Some of my personal virtues are dedication, caring, and also integrity. I believe that being dedicated is a cogent virtue to have in general, but specifically as a healthcare professional. While working in the medical field you have to give time and effort to your patients and show them that you care as well. Caring would have to be another virtue that I portray and that is also very good to have. For example, if you have a patient that has been there for a long period of time, you have to show them that you care and put yourself in their position.

Philosophy of Healthcare Final Project You have to show that you care, because if you don’t things will only be negative and later on will become complicated and stressful. Integrity is a very strong virtue that anyone can have because it shows that you can be trusted and that you are a very honest person. Nowadays, they have a system called HIPAA, which is used in hospitals nationwide. HIPAA is used for patient confidentiality and is an agreement that you will not discuss why a patient in there in the hospital and what is wrong with them with anyone else.

This is why I believe everyone needs to have integrity. Discussion There is a plethora of ways that my top three virtues could be demonstrated. To start off, we will talk about dedication. Dedication can be shown in the medical field by setting aside time to get certain tasks done by a specific time or day. For example, if a nurse has to clean up after a patient, they have to set aside time to aid them and also be dedicated to doing it, along with that, they have to care for the patient while doing this specific task.

Caring is another one of my top virtues. Caring is shown in many ways in this specific field. For example, caring for a patient while they are in the hospitality suite is extremely nice. When I did my volunteer service back in Orlando Regional Medical Center, I spent most of my time in the hospitality suite making sure every patient waiting to return home was doing okay and assisting them get into their cars and giving them anything while they waited patiently to leave. Also, integrity is highly demonstrated in healthcare.

As I have stated earlier in this paper, HIPAA is a very good example of how integrity can be shown in healthcare. Philosophy of Healthcare In addition, what I believe would be my important qualities that I can bring to healthcare as a professional would have to be my ability to be loyal and true to everyone including my co-workers, the patients, and of course myself. To me, loyalty and being trustworthy are the biggest qualities that anyone can pertain in life because without it, no one can depend on you to accomplish things or to confine things either.

Today in the field of healthcare, there are many cases that are conflicting and stressful. Many people try to climb their way out of this by doing numerous of strategies to get themselves out. The best thing to do is to focus on the positive and try to think of ways to make things better. Do not try to blame others for wrong doings and try not to say the first things that comes to mind in a bad situation because that only makes things worse. “In the hospital or any medical setting, you will be faced with problems and challenges almost every day. ” (www. zinearticles. com).

Also, building a strong communication with your colleagues can become a great advantage and can cause less burnout in the field. “Another important way to combat stress is to sharpen one’s communication skills. ” (www. fdu. edu). everything nowadays is communicated via e-mail, pager, text, or even social networks to try and get into contact with one another. If you have to talk to someone about a problem, simply approach them and talk face to face and not try to chase down a text or e-mail to have proof of something you said.

Discussion Many people say that there is an antithesis between healing and curing. In my opinion I believe that they are both different. “Healing is a natural process and is within the power of everyone. Curing, which is what doctors are called upon to do, usually consists of an Philosophy of Healthcare Final Project external treatment; medication or surgery is used to mask or eliminate symptoms. ” (www. beliefnet. com). Healing is done by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

It takes time for this to happen and it takes a lot of faith to make it possible. On the otherhand, you can show up to a physician’s office or the hospital and say “Take the pain away! ” and it will be gone within the hour thanks to technology today. With healing, you need to have a very positive mind set and pray to our Father in heaven to cure us with his tender loving care, instead of depending on society to cure us. “The first step is having the intention to heal, to come back into balance. ” (www. stepsonthepath. com).


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