Personal Explorations Paper Essay

Personal Explorations Paper Essay
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Personal Explorations Paper

Over the course of 7 modules, different personality aspects of mine have been tested and evaluated and have even revealed things about myself that I was not aware of. The surveys and questions that I answered dug deep into decisions and choice I make, how I think and how I feel to reveal certain characteristics about myself, some of which I was aware of and others that I was not. Things such as my expression of sexuality, different levels and aspects of my psychology, my personal reactions to certain social situations, and the way I pursue and value my career were all evaluated by answering questionnaires. In the end a lot was revealed about the way I handle and look at things and even my overall personality.

My expression of sexuality was not really a huge surprise to me. My values and my religious beliefs I believe played a huge part of expression of sexuality. I believe that sex is something that was designed by God exclusively for marriage. Although that has not always been what I valued or walked by in my life, it is now my beliefs since I am not married. My intermediate and low scores concerning sexual esteem, sexual depression, and sexual preoccupation didn’t surprise me, but I do feel that because of my beliefs and how I now view sex that my responses automatically made it seemed as if I struggled with the sexual esteem, depression and preoccupation which is not the case. I view sex as a temptation that I cannot indulge into until I’m married. If I were surprised by anything it would be that my scores were not lower.

Positive psychology was another aspect of my personality that I was questioned and evaluated on. The questions yielded 4 scores, my orientation to pleasure, to engagement, meaning and to victory. My highest score amongst the 4 orientations scores was orientation to meaning. This I feel was very reflective on to how I feel and how I view my life. Meaning embodies all the feelings, hopes, joys and outlooks I have on life, my life and the meaning attached to it. I believe every person is born into this world with a God given purpose.

Everyone’s life has meaning although not everyone during his or her lifetime accept, recognize or fulfill his or her meaning. What I do with my life should be a direct reflection of the love of Jesus within me. All of those things contribute greatly to how I view my life and the meaning attached to it. My lowest score was victory and I believe that is also an accurate depiction of my personality. I am not a person who values or lives to compete with others, be better than others or outdo what others have done or gotten. Doing so, in my eyes, takes away from the meaning of one’s life. I see it as the lower the victory score the more the person is in tune with the meaning of their lives.

My person reactions to social situations is an area I believe that I have certain seen personal growth and development in for myself. I found myself tested by 2 different questionnaires, The Self, and Friendship and Love. I believe if I would have answered some of these questions earlier this summer my responses would have been a tad different and I would have probably scored a number that reflected how badly I handled and felt in social situations. I was surprised to see myself get a low score on the Friendship and Love assessment because I believed that is one area I have definitely seen myself grow in. I believe gaining confidence in myself allowed me to handle social situation differently then before. I believe that this year has been the year of tremendous personal growth and the development of a stronger and wiser person that I have stepped into an embraced. The way I have handled situations has definitely improved from the way I used to handle and approach things.

The assessment on Careers and Work, I saw myself score an 89, which is considered low. I contribute that low score from a lack of wisdom, knowledge and experience. I have been in the Air Force since June 2009, so since then I have yet to transition back into the civilian world and workforce. My need to job hunt and my techniques on how I do so are pretty much non-existent but this is definitely an area I am currently seeking to grow and become more knowledge in because I do not plan on making the military a career after my contract ends. Growing in this area will set me up to have a successful transition into the civilian world.

I have definitely seen areas of personal growth and developments reflected in most of the scores and believe they are direct reflections of how I feel inside. A few scores I believe did not accurately paint the picture of myself that I thought it should paint and that made me reflect on my characteristics and personality traits. These past 7 seven weeks, I have evaluated my life and observed my reactions to various situations and I believe personal growth can be found in the midst of that.


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