Personal Comparison Essay

Personal Comparison Essay
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Personal Comparison

Every one of us has special unique imagination about oneself and own individuality, and it can be helpful for personal development to analyze own behavioral patterns, reactions and psychological characteristics. That is why comparison with an object or a living creature can be extremely interesting and instructive experience.

If I have to compare my own personality with a tree, I would choose such one as maple-tree. I think that this tree expresses my individuality the best, because I do not have strength of oak-trees or melancholy of birch-trees, and I am not as resistive as pine-trees and not as ambitious as ash-trees. Maple-tree is a beautiful, but very unpretentious tree, which I would rather associate with independence, self-confidence, faith, optimism and creativity. And those are the most evident features of my personality.

I would imagine myself as not a single maple-tree, but as the one surrounded by many other trees and plants. It means that I am a sociable person and I enjoy a lot spending time in company of my good friends. As I am a part of our big society, I imagine the maple-myself as a tree in a huge forest, where many different trees-personalities exist and interact. Also, I respect my family ties very much and always feel secure, knowing that my family is my prop and stay. That is why my roots are very strong, and they hold me on the ground very tight.

I am as sensitive to changes in my surrounding, as a maple-tree is sensitive to seasonal changes of weather. When it is rainy and windy I feel sad and lose my usual optimism, as a maple-tree loses its yellow leaves in autumn or bends beneath heavy snows in winter. And in sunny days I am always enthused, happy and try to reach out for the sun, like a green maple-tree. Also, I am a very imaginative person: I like art and music. I always try to bring different colors into my life and make my days bright and beautiful, like colorful leaves of maple-trees in autumn.

            In addition, I am a little bit of psychologist, and I like helping people in solving their various personal problems and misunderstandings. That is why, although my maple-tree is not a very large tree yet, it is already strong enough to spread its branches and give some shadow for those, who need some rest and freshness.


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