Overseas Distribution Essay

Overseas Distribution Essay
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Overseas Distribution

Having been able to establish a good web marketing technique can eventually take off as a good profitable platform. However, since the internet is considered to be a global upscale facility, it would be meaningful to cater to different international markets by partnering with very reliable retail partners catering overseas distributorship. One very good example of this retail company is the giant Wal-Mart.

The company has an international operation facility which allows it to diversely introduce various products to global economies. Today, customers at 2,982 units in thirteen markets prove Wal-Mart’s Every Day Low Price promise is a message clearly understood in any language. Wal-Mart International employs more than 550,000 associates in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom.

(Wal-Mart) Because of the fact that the company has penetrated these major global markets, Wal-Mart was able to establish its presence among these countries. It has now a solid foundation as a key player in distributing goods and services not only for global merchandises but for localized products as well in respective markets. Wal-Mart only abides by its corporate global rules which permitted them to be of good presence in each country they are established in. The following are:

To follow the law at all times; be honest and fair; never manipulate; misrepresent, abuse or conceal information; avoid conflicts of interest between work and personal affairs; never discriminate against anyone; never act unethically – even if someone else instructs you to do so; never ask someone to act unethically; seek assistance if you have questions about the Statement of Ethics or if you face an ethical dilemma; cooperate with any investigation of a possible ethics violation; and report ethics violations or suspected violations. (Wal-Mart) Another giant which can be of great partner in terms of international retailer ship is Carrefour.

Just like Wal-Mart, Carrefour has now a stable presence among major economies in the world. The French Retail conglomerate is currently operating in all of four continents; Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Some of its key markets are Argentina, Brazil, China,, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Egypt, France, Italy and Spain. It was also the first international retail company which established an office in Asia in 1989. (Wikipedia, 2007) Apparently, the approaches in establishing the presence in each country varied depending on how each country provides legal authorization for foreign companies to put up an office to do business.

For example in China, “Carrefour formed joint ventures with some financial instruments and companies in the Chinese market. The company entered into direct deals with the local governments of various provinces in China to get the approval to set up its stores. ” (Icmrindia) Entering the arena of international trade will require a few things to get a clear direction as to how the company will eventually survive the global ways of transactions.

First, the company should have already established its presence in its home country and should have been operating with a very stable capital resource. Second, partnering with a company which already has an extensive network of business around the world would be the best possible step to do. This will cut costs in logistics and advertising expenses. Lastly, the company should be always updated about the current investment atmosphere of the respective countries it is involved in.This aspect will provide greater chances of preparing for safety measures if a certain unfavorable event is set to happen.

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