Organ Donation essay/ not finished Essay

Organ Donation essay/ not finished Essay
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Organ Donation essay/ not finished

Source 1: Rainbow raw author of the Organ Donation Should be Compulsory article, created on 30th May, 2012 discusses the forever asking question that all citizens should be made to donate their organs once deceased. The author addresses the topic with the use of statistics from the Australia’s organ donations site. Rainbow raw has no known qualifications or expertise; although the information provided is true and I believe reliable even though it is not from a registered site e.g. gov, edu. The author presented the information in exposition form with facts and their own personal opinion which outlines the science and religious sides of organ donation. Source 2: The site Debate ORG is presented in a debate form, created and written by anonymous writers, debating whether organs should be compulsory. This site holds no qualifications or expertise but shows the different opinions and beliefs behind organ donation. Source 3: Samuel Walker is a Politics undergraduate at the University of Warwick whom is the author of the article Why Organ Donation Should be Made Compulsory. Walker explores and outlines the science and religion behind organ donation throughout. Walker uses rhetorical techniques to discuss the topic. Part B:

Should all citizens be made to donate their organs? The science behind organ donation is simple, one whom has died has the opportunity to save another’s life by donating their organs, but there are religious aspects that need to be looked at, many religions and cultures do not believe in giving one organs as they are a part of them, they need them for reincarnation, many believe that once you die they must be kept whole. It is an ethical issue as thousands of people are put on waiting lists to receive and organ. There are Why is it though that if we let the government have this control of our organs we lose our freedom of choice when what we are doing is saving other’s lives, theres a saying ‘ if you don’t want to donate your organs then you should not receive one when in need’ why should you have access to a new liver when you wouldn’t give up your own? What about our freedom rights?

You can’t force someone to give up their organs even when their deceased, you can’t ask a grieving mother to have permission to cut her child up, well with this law just do what you please, that child’s organs may save a life but the mother will never see it that way, her child just died, her baby’s gone, forever and the thought of them being poked and prodded adds to the grieve and loss. But it’s a life we’re talking about, you have the power, the opportunity to save someone, how can you let that go, your gone why should perfectly usable organs be buried with the deceased to rot in the ground, and become food for worms and bugs.

Religious expectation play into hand with this argument, many religions such as blah believe that you should never give out ones organs as Throughout this essay the following ethical issue will be discussed, Should all citizens be made to donate their organs? citizens of the world have rights, individual freedom rights, why should that be taken away from them? The government has so much control alreadly over our chocies why should we give up our organs, the government doesn’t own them do they? Personal property, I was born with them, I should have control of what happened to them even after death. It’s my choice; don’t take that away from me. Everybody wants to be some type of hero in their life, why not save someone with your organs that will be useless in the ground with your body; you could save at least 10 people’s lives, children’s lives, a mother, a brother, why wouldn’t you want to make that choice? Are you scared would it become easier if it was to become mandatory?


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