Noy: A glimpse of our society’s status Essay

Noy: A glimpse of our society’s status Essay
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Noy: A glimpse of our society’s status

The movie ‘Noy’, directed by Dondon Santos and starred by Coco Martin, allowed us to take a look into the lives and different problems of an ordinary Filipino. This brought us the chance to have a closer look to the issues of this country concerning drugs, poverty, education, crimes, family and many others. ‘Noy’ showed us how one’s decisions and actions can affect the lives and beliefs of many people.

This reaction paper is not about how good the movie was, in terms of how well it has been directed or portrayed by the actors, not in a perspective of a movie critique but in a view of an ordinary student and a concerned citizen. This would be about the social issues and problems that has been sited in the film and are very relevant nowadays.

In the movie, Noy is living in an uncomfortable and struggling life with his manicurist mother, crippled brother and a smart sister. Their family lived in a house floating on flood water. He faked some of his documents, his diploma and demo reel, and posed to be a journalist to the hope that their status in life would change. He started working on a documentary about Senator Noynoy Aquino which was way back then, running for presidency. Later on, his brother has been involved to drugs and his sister got blind. After that, everything got messy and he eventually got killed by the drug pushers/addicts.

As what has shown in the movie, education, poverty, crimes and drugs, these four things are interrelated with each other. Why? Most Filipinos was not able to go to school, not because they chose or wanted to, but because they cannot afford; because of poverty. As a result of this, they are opt to fool other people, to do crimes, to be involved in drugs. This scenario has been a cycle in our society and has always been the main problems.

Upon knowing those things, what can we do? How can we lessen these scenarios? That’s what we need to figure out.Yes, these problems are not simple. It’s a nation’s problem, but if each of us will take an action to at least resolve these, it may help a lot.

There’s a large number of jobless Filipinos especially in poor, rural areas. We can put up community projects in which they can be involved ,like for example establishing nurseries, making recycled crafts (to help in segregating waste that is considered to be one of the factors for flooding), weaving and others. With this projects, they can earn and at least be helpful in their daily expenses. These can also be beneficial to take them away from doing crimes and drugs as well.

We can be or have volunteer teachers for out-of-school children. We may not be able to send them to school, but at least we can teach them the basics, how to count, read and write. We can lend them books for them to practice and study. We can communicate with LGUs and the local government to help in giving those children other resources or even scholarships for them to have a formal education.

Though, we should not always be dependent in the government, as what has also shown in the movie. We can make a change. We can help other people if we want to, even a little unselfish act will do as long as we will do it wholeheartedly. We all have the shared responsibility in serving this nation. Let us all be involved in empowering every Filipino in any way we can do.

Ignorance is a plague in our society. We should set our eyes open to the reality that this world keeps on hiding from us. Stop being ignorant , instead be vigilant.


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