Not Enough Drinking Water Essay

Not Enough Drinking Water Essay
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Not Enough Drinking Water

Pop culture has recently become obsessed with trying to provide clean drinking water to those who do not have it. This is a pathetic issue to choose to fix. These poor people are a waste of space and need to learn how to fix their own problems instead of turning to the reach to fix them. Do you think the rich got rich by relying on other people? No. They found easy solutions to their difficult problems. People have wasted tons of money on giving these people clean water supplies when there are cheap solutions to get the job done.

For one these people should just drink their own urine. It is full of vitamins and nutrients that at the time the body doesn’t need but will at a later date. It also would make an endless cycle and the people would always have a supply of it. Drinking urine would be almost completely free, all that would be needed would be some kind of bottle to collect and contain it in until it was needed again. With this solution every person would have their very own source of water and people would never have to fight over it or share supplies again.

It would also teach people to become much more self-sufficient because they are supplying their own source of life. Another easy solution is to make the people of these very poor areas used to not having any water by contaminating the little supply they have and forcing them to become assimilated to their new way of life. This is a perfect example of natural selection, the most fit will survive and be able to reproduce while the rest will die off. This will cause future generations of people to be well adapted to having little water and let them live much longer.

This would be completely cost free; the only thing that would need to be done is some mud will need to be thrown into the large sources of drinking water. Some people feel that giving these pathetic people drinking water or drilling wells will fix the problems but they won’t this will only make the problem worse by showing these people that they can always rely on other people. Giving them other ways to get safe water is a complete waste of time and money. The world needs to see this fact and ban together to follow cheaper easier and faster ways of helping these poor pathetic people.


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