Myths: A common belief Essay

Myths: A common belief Essay
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Myths: A common belief

A) Myths are the commond beliefs of the people. A thought that they have in their minds about particular person, place or thing. This information either correct or incorrect, gets transferred from generation to generation in the form of folk lore, stories, songs etc. Actually these are the past happenings that are recited to the children in various forms by their respective parents and grandparents. A number of stories have developed from the very foundation of the American society from long ago. Thus a myth is a common belief of the people about the past happenings, that has been transferred to them by their ancestors.

Myths are therefore narrative stories which has contributed in shaping the American values and belief system. The main motive behind a myth is mostly to hinder progress the child to move in a certain direction or to do a certain work and to inform about the risks and danger that coincides with a particular work. Thus a past experience is used as an example to avoid any accident or mishappenings. Myths: 2. B) A number of Myths are existing in our society. These are related with a particular person, legendary creatures, particular place or particular thing.

Among them the most noteworthy one are as follows. 1. Christopher columbus: Christopher columbus is considered to be the founder of America in most common stories in American stories. But the fact is that, Christopher Columbus like many other people of our times wanted to prove their beliefs before their society. He wanted to prove that the world is round like a ball and by sailing towards west, he can reach the eastern point of the continent. Moreover he was more interested in searching sea route towards India and other Asian subcontinent islands for trade.

It was the destiny of Christopher Columbus, to find out America instead of a sea route to India. Finally he did not landed on American soil in the first travel. He actually landed on the West Indies Islands. Still in the stories of American people we find a great sailor searching for America which may not be proved under the light of these fact. 2. Chupacabra: Chupacabra is believed to be a human who turned into a fierce hunter animal like creature, who used to suck the blood and eat the inner parts of the pet animals like cow, goat, hen etc of the farmers.

Myths: 3. The fact is that it is possible for some human with neurological imbalance to think and act like animals. And in the wake of such neurological problem a person may attack animals, may kill them and even eat them raw. Secondly there are always wild animals in the forest that are always looking for nearest animal stocks, so that they can attack pet animals to feed themselves and other family animals. Thus attack on pet animals near forests is not a big deal to think and research about. 3. Area 51:

Its been too long that people of America are looking at Area 51 as the place of extra terrestrial landings and communcations between the American government and Aliens. The fact is that it is a place meant for testing the latest design planes, fighter aircrafts and war ammunitions. Thus if a person travelling near by watches a new kind of plane in the sky than it is most proprably the test flight for a latest model of aircraft which may the American army in near future. Moreover some people watch extra terrestrial objects flying near Area 51 and other parts of the country.

The fact is they are not the only one to watch such happennings. People through out the world watch some unordinary things happening in the sky many times. The fact behind is that there is an enormous matter travelling in the outer space of the earth which consists of unused space trash of satellites by various countries. These things glow in the sky and may even fall on earth which is a common phenomenon now a days. Myths: 4. C) Myths are certainly the beliefs of the people. These beliefs are transformed from parents, grand parents in the form of stories, folklore, songs etc. They may be correct or incorrect.

They may be a fact or belief. What ever are they considered, they are meant to be a directive for the upcoming generation so that they should not fell prey of the same problem which has been experienced earlier by elders of the family. Finally, these myths are meant to stop children from doing some things which may harm them in future and direct them to move towards those ideas which prove them to be a successful person. This motive is achieved by either scaring them with an associated horror story or telling them stories of great thinkers, people etc.

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