My Wrist Watch Essay

My Wrist Watch Essay
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My Wrist Watch

My watch means a lot to me, and is one of my most cherished possessions which I’ve ever had. It came about on a beautiful day I decided to escort “shade” my girlfriend to the Mall for some window shopping. That same day was my birthday. I had never celebrated my birthday, and I still didn’t see any reason to do so that day. We checked as many things as we could in most stores, although we had no money to purchase one single thing. We walked into this particular jewelry store which Shade had always talked about in the past. I really had no love for jewelries, so for me, going or not going to that jewelry store, really made no difference at all.

Along the line, we ended up at this jewelry store Shade had been talking about. Inside the jewelry store I felt so bored, and gazed into the thin air, like I really had something I took serious notice of; but in reality I was looking through the jewelry and its shelves. At this point I really felt like a soggy cow, forced to the river. Just about ten minutes in this store, my eyes caught sight of this object on the jewelry shelf. About five feet away, it looked so attractive and seemed as pretty as a Mona Lisa painting. Something really made this object outstanding compared to other objects on the shelf. Moving closer, and about a foot away from the jewelry shelf, I could conclude that this glittering object was a watch. From where I stood I could conclude that this watch was manufactured from solid yellow gold bars of about eighteen karat gold and stainless steel. it had about a 40mm case and about a 20mm bracelet.

It had this unique feature of having an independent setting for the hour hand, and further featured the date function at the 3 o’clock hour of the face. It also had a crown laid at the 12 o’clock hour, which at that juncture, made me connect with the reality that I was standing in the presence of a brand of an almighty Rolex watch. Within a split second, one of the sales ladies walked up to me and offered me assistance, but what could she offer me, except for name and the price of the watch, which I immediately asked her for. She let me know the name of the watch was a Rolex Thunderbird, and it would cost me about $800 to purchase it. At that point $800 registered in my brain as two times my monthly rent. All the same the watch still looked to me like it worth more than that amount.

Standing close to the door was Shade; she looked like she had been standing there for close to twenty five minutes. I immediately met up with her, and I thought I heard her say she was surprised and thought that I never loved watches. I know I never really loved watches, but there was really something different and special about this watch that could not add up. Shade dropped me of at my apartment and hurriedly left, which was unlike shade that would always like to spend some time with me before leaving. Well for me, that was not a problem, because at the moment, the only immediate problem I had was where on earth I could get $800 to purchase the Rolex watch I saw back there at the jewelry store.

As much as I could remember, I never expected Shade to came back to my apartment that night, as I was about to go to bed. But as she came back, this time she came with a birthday gift. Since I knew shade, she had never given me a birthday gift, nor had she ever remembered my birthday. Well on unwrapping the gift, and then opening the black box, there laid a Rolex Thunderbird wrist watch, which was exactly the same wrist watch, I saw at the store much earlier in the day. Nobody had given me a birthday gift in the past 20 years. This was the greatest gift of my life, and which till this day, remains an important piece of my life.


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