My trip Essay

My trip Essay
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My trip

SIMRAN: Good morning Mr. Keith, teachers and my dear friends, we are here today to share our experience on our eventful trip to France. On the 4th of this month, 41 French students from grades, 8 to 11 and 5 dedicated teachers embarked on their journey to, Le Centre Mediterranean D’etudes Francais or CMEF, located in Cap D’ail, Nice for a week long programme.Our days started with us, waking up to a breathtaking and scenic view of the Cote D’Azur, very often we would watch cruises sailing peacefully in the ocean. We would then gather in the spacious campus cafeteria, to guzzle down some yummy breakfast. After satisfying our appetites, we would dash off to our entertaining, interactive and educational French lessons, where we were divided into 3 batches (A1, A2 and B1) according to our level in French.

The classes were fun filled, enjoyable and most of all, highly enlightening. Throughout our classes we conversed in French and only French. Our classes included us carrying out role plays, learning about France, French music and even French culture. The A1 class even got to go grocery shopping, where they bought goods with the help of only French words. After the first half of our class we were given half an hour of recreation where we all chatted away, flaunting the new, fancy French words we learned. We would then run uphill, to get back to our classes!

ALI: Once we concluded with our classes, we would run down to the cafeteria to have mouth-watering and delicious varieties of Continental food. Lunch, although delightful was often eaten in haste as many wanted to play an intensive and dedicated match of football, which we would eagerly look forward to everyday. While we played, the others were supportive and boosted our spirits, by cheering for us during our matches. We even had an exciting football tournament on one of the latter days. After spending an hour daily on football we began our excursions, under the leadership of Tolgahan and Astrid, our friendly, talented and understanding coaches.

PARTHA: Every day, we visited a different town, encountered different people and we got the opportunity to taste some scrumptious French cuisine, like the “Croque Monsieur” for example. We went to places like: The Picasso Museum and Jean Cocteau’s Museum, where we got to see artwork beyond our explanation. We also went to educational and informative places like, The Glass Factory and The Perfume Making Factory. In Fragonard (the perfume making factory), we were taught the art of making perfume. There we were introduced to various fragrances of perfume and their components. Altogether, we travelled to Nice, Monte Carlo and Monaco, which are few of the most stunning, brilliant and lively cities in France, with picturesque beaches and monumental places.

SANJANA: After couple of hours we would return to the centre and rush to the cafeteria. When done with dinner we would all form our own individual groups and play a variety of games, like: Uno, Truth or Dare, and sometimes we would even start our own flash mobs. An hour later we would be called back to the cafeteria which would have gotten transformed into a Disco room or a Games hall, by the very dedicated staff at CMEF. Each day we would have a fun, gripping and spirited activity to perform, for example, we would have a really competitive music quiz, a lesson of French folk dancing where we did manage to teach the others our traditional dances without fail and we also had other exciting activities like crepe and waffle making, or I should rather say crepe and waffle eating.

NEUSHA: After these activities, nearing our curfew time, we would all return to our rooms to catch some sleep and prepare ourselves for the next day .During this trip we got the opportunity to interact with two other groups, the Italians and another Dubai based school. This trip was a wonderful experience for us to have, and we have made memories that will remain with us for forever. The best part of this trip was the special bond created among the 41 students of various grades which we would have never got to know otherwise. We, the students, and our fantastic teachers, had become a little French family! To be honest, we did not know we were making memories, we thought we were just having a good time! We surely have memories etched for a life time. Now kindly watch a video on our trip.


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