My Dinner with Andre Essay

My Dinner with Andre Essay
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My Dinner with Andre

This is defiantly a hard to pick which side to go with. With Wally if you in a comfort spot or you feel comfortable then you have to be happy because you’re in your comfort zone. He and his wife got an electric blanket as a gift and he doesn’t know how he could live without it. With the electric blanket they can depend on it staying with the cold weather in New York. In a way it protects him because if wasn’t warm then he could die of hypothermia. He also feels a whole lot better when he wakes up. His dreams are also better.

It just seems like everything is better. With Andre he says that you don’t get to the world. It’s not only dangerous because you could get electrocuted but also it could kill you. You don’t give what your body needs. He says the body needs different things like how Lady Hatfield only ate chicken. Since she only ate chicken her body starved and then she died. You also don’t get to experience the world. You get to think of things like I get to snuggle with cause its cold or you find out that you like the cold.

I could how Wally is right because if you’re comfortable then you must be happy. I could also see how Andre is right because then you get to experience things you wouldn’t of before. I would have to choose Andre on this subject. If you’re in your little bubble you don’t get to do thing that are fun to do. You just kind of sit there with yourself and what like Andre said it’s like your dying. It is a little murder. Of course you wouldn’t be arrested for because well you’re dead and it would kind of pointless to arrest a person that is dead.

You don’t get to live life to the fullest. You can’t visit China or bungee jump if you’re under the electric blanket. You don’t fill yourself up if you just eat chicken every night for so many years. You’re just not giving the body what it needs. How could you be really living if you’re sitting there under an electric blanket? Yeah you are happy because you’re in your comfort zone under the warm blanket but just sitting there can’t really be living. The human body wasn’t meant to just lie around and just sit there like a couch potato.

That’s way on peoples bucket list its not I want to sit around watching SportsCenter (which in my opinion isn’t a bad choose), its things like climb Mt. Everest, run with the lions, play a round of golf with Arnold Palmer, or go visit the country side of Italy. You have to get out from under the blanket and go do stuff. See what the world has to offer. Do the bad, do the good, and do whatever you can do now. This is way I choose to go with Andre. To live life or to say what is really good is to do stuff from under the electric blanket.


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