Morality and Ethicality of Using Sexual Advertising Essay

Morality and Ethicality of Using Sexual Advertising Essay
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Morality and Ethicality of Using Sexual Advertising

The development of technology made the role of advertising very crucial with the use of televisions, radios, magazines, posters and the internet. The main objective of a marketer is to increase the number of customers or the use of his customers for a product or service. In modern marketing sexual appeal has become the number one strategy in advertising. In fact, it was one of the greatest accepted techniques in marketing worldwide because it proved that it reaches customers in a great way.

Especially when it comes to certain products such as cigarettes, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, candy, liquor and fashion goods. Since those products are mainly image-based and the use of sex appeal, sexy illustrations, and sex in general, in advertising can big effects on several elements of an advertising and buyer behavior model. The effects may be positive but if it weren’t used in the proper way it might carry on many severe negative effects. Marketers are trying to captivate people’s minds and attract them by putting for example sexy models or revealing clothes and moreover, they are positioning their brand as sexual and that the customers will have sex related benefit if they buy their product or service.

A big number of people might deny the effect of these sexually oriented advertisements on them claiming that its’ not the reason why they buy a product or service. However, indirectly whether they accept this product or not they are talking about the advertisement or thinking about it in their unconscious which sheds lights on it. Especially the teen segment which are from 13 till 18 year olds they are affected by this method of advertising in a great way. Thus, there are many ethical questions associated with this strategy because its’ becoming obviously clear how sex is being used to target teens.


This research attempts to shed the light on advertising companies and the way they are using sexual methods order to attract teenagers into buying their products. We are going to discuss in detail its effectiveness on teenagers positively and negatively and the ethicality of such approach. questions:

1-what are the sexual methods used by marketers to reach teen customers? 2-what are the negative and positive effects of sex appeal in advertisement? 3- why teens are the target audience for these advertisements? 4- is it against the law and regulation of adv to present a product in a sexual way?

When conducting this market study, we will be using two types of research designs, exploratory as well as descriptive in order to answer the research questions and develop the conclusion. At the first place, we begin our study by an exploratory research design; its purpose is to further understand the subject. It involves an interview with marketers or unethical Ads creators, this interview will be presented by informal questionnaires that are a guide to the types of questions to be asked, however, the respondents were given the flexibility to add or explain further issues if needed.

As for the descriptive research that will be conducted later on in the research, it involves a bunch of questionnaires with multiple choice answers that improve the quality and accuracy of these questionnaires, which will be tested on a number of teen respondents. And since in this research we are studying teen’s attitudes and perceptions towards unethical advertisements then our studies and collecting data will be based on qualitative research.

Human evolutions open the opportunity for advertising to use sex as a way to be more attractive and efficient. Advertising is being smart so that it plays on man’s instinct to seek success and leaves theoretical and practical implications behind it. Let us remember that the major part of men is concerned in women’s beauty throughout her body.

Thus, women’s body is considered to be an important tool that advertising uses to let men express interest. In addition, using women’s bodies is shown to be the easiest way to get men’s attention and advertising is trying to get advantages by doing so. Taking the other gender, it not that easy to take the attention of a woman because women regardless its instinct view of the world is an intellectual person as much as sometimes can control its instinct.


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