If I Met Three Famous People Essay

If I Met Three Famous People Essay
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If I Met Three Famous People

If I met three famous people who I like, I would be one of most happiest people in the world. I don’t know what I would do, but I would be very happy. I will tell you about three famous people who I would like to meet. At first I would like to meet my favourite boy-band Backstreet Boys. It’s the best boy-band in pop music history. They are five guys from the USA, and they became very famous after their album ”Millennium” release in 1999. I’m their very big fan since 2007. And if I met them I would be very happy. I would like to meet all of them, because I couldn’t choose one of them.

Their music is so great, it helps me and all their other fans. I’m waiting for their new album release . If I meet them, I would ask them how they felt when became famous. Also I would ask them what meaning has the God in their life, because they are religious people. Of course I have more questions to them, also I would tell them about my feelings and emotions. I would tell them that their music has a very special meaning in my life. I think they are the best boy-band in the world and the best singers. After that I would like to meet Katy Perry.

She is a young singer and just a nice young lady. I heard about her a half a year ago and I think she is a great singer with big future. I think she is a great singer with beautiful voice and she is also very beautiful. I like the way she sings. If I met her I would be shocked and amazed. I would ask her why her songs have such unusual names. Also I would ask her what she thinks about other singers and specialy about Backstreet Boys. I would tell her how I like her and how I love her songs, songs that make my life happier. Also who I would like to meet is the hockey player Mikelis Redlihs.

Of course I don’t know him but I think he is a very nice guy with a good sence of humour. I think that he is a good hockey player and he has the future in sports. Even if he doesn’t play in NHL, he will show himself in his team . He is very fast on the ice and he can hold a puck. If I met him I would ask him how he feels playing hockey, about his life and of course about his team. I want to say all about these people who I like, they made my life better. I will never stop loving and I will respect these people for what they are and what they do. They will always be in my life and in my heart.


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