Ideal Hero Essay

Ideal Hero Essay
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Ideal Hero

A hero is competent and confident. A hero has abilities and talents however extraordinary or mundane they may be. A hero is conscious of the world he or she lives in, the society and the people around. A hero also has a strong moral compass. A hero is passionate and dedicated to a cause. He or she is also influential not only because of fame but because of the ability to encourage people to support an ideal.

A hero is one who gives his or her life to a cause bigger than oneself. He or she should have a network of people not only people to influence but also people to get inspiration from. A hero has concern for other people and compassion to put other people’s needs before his or her own. A hero is able to sacrifice, have the conscious effort to give up something so that others can benefit from it. It is the giving up of something personal to achieve something greater.

Lastly, a hero is persistent and keeps working towards a goal despite multiple setbacks from all sides of a situation. Part 2: Qualities of a National Hero
A national hero should have a concept of nation and has aspirations for a nation’s welfare. He or she works for the struggle of a nation’s freedom and ultimately his or her countrymen. The national hero should have contributed to the freedom or even the establishment of a better nation. His or her works should have been timeless, useful both in the past and future struggle for the interest of the nation. The national hero should represent the country. Part 3: Explain

A hero should be competent meaning he or she should have the abilities and talents to influence people otherwise his or her cause, whatever it is should not succeed. The motivation to be a hero is needed for the hero to be dedicated and not give up. This motivation or inspiration can be from a number of things but most heroes work and act because of their compassion and concern for others. Lastly, heroes sacrifice, it may not be the sacrifice of life but the sacrifice of anything personal or of value to him

or her is a form of sacrifice. Sacrifice is giving up something not because you need to but because you want to; that is being a hero.

There are a lot of kinds of heroes but national heroes, as described in the government archives, are heroes who have greatly contributed to the national as a whole and not just his or her region. First the concept of nation should be present otherwise the drive to work for the nation’s benefit is a directionless endeavor. The contribution to freedom and order to the nation is important since this is how the country, the people would revere the hero as a great person of the nation. Timeless work is the attribute of the hero’s contribution that would enable it to be inspiring to the people not just during his or her time but also in the future for the use of the nation’s new generation of heroes. And lastly, a national hero should represent the country, someone who the average citizen identifies to, a bigger version of the ordinary citizen, larger than life but still reachable.

To heroes who committed heinous crimes but did a lot of contributions to his country, do they still deserve to be called heroes?
Heroes who have committed heinous crimes do not deserve to be called heroes. Heroes are not named jus because they contributed to the country, if that was the case, there would be a lot more heroes today, they are named because they have the extraordinary ethics, heart and mind that drove people to be inspired to fight and be good.

An example is Emilio Aguinaldo the first Philippine president. Yes he did a lot to organize the republic but behind it all he did horrible things. One his the fact that he supported the Japanese. What kind of patriot would support a group who blatantly abused the country and the people that hailed him a hero? The people he claims that he love.


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