How Communication And Culture Are Related Essay

How Communication And Culture Are Related Essay
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How Communication And Culture Are Related

Communication has been one of the most powerful tools that humans species have develop trough thousands of years and that we still have. There are many types of communication like body language, eye contact, sign language, paralanguage, haptic language, and chromic, also media like pictures, graphics, sounds and writing. Culture emerged in the XII and XIX century in Europe. The word culture means cultivation or improvement, how the human species act, thinks and how it interact with the environment, thanks to the communication people have changed their way they act. For this reason is why is important to know how communication and culture are related, and how they are important for each other.

Good communication is very important. It can help someone to understand what others are saying. Communication is important and can be positive if is handled well. But at the same time it can be hurtful, depending on how it is done and the words that are used. Communication is where culture was improved, because with communication provide information to a group of people, and that specific group of people will react and determine how they will use the information. Arts, traditions, and rituals are some examples of culture, these types of culture have being used trough thousands of years, they have communicate with gods, civilizations, animals. So in a way communications have being a very important role in the culture, and how it has been develop trough this years. The main reason why humans behave the way they behave is that we have developed communication to the point that we behave more reasonable, we can expose ideas, thoughts, and we can give an opinion for it. We use communication now a days for everything, without it would be very difficult or impossible to live in a society that have express everything we think, and have an opinion of it.

In conclusion, thanks to communication, culture within the human behavior, people have developed a rational thinking; this makes a better how people relate with other. Communication has played a very important role in the culture in human species. Communication have being part of our life and our behavior cense the first humans apparition, we use it all the time to interact with people, and that’s why we, humans behave the way we behave.


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