Henry Louis Gates Essay

Henry Louis Gates Essay
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Henry Louis Gates

On 20 July 2009 Henry Louis Gates Jr, the director of Harvard University’s W. E. B. DuBois Institute for African and African American Research, returned home after a week in China. Ware Street in Cambridge, Mass. Professor looked like middle-aged thin man – his age was 57and weight was approximately 150 pounds. (Thompson, 2009) He was wearing grey trousers and pink-and-white T-shirt and walking with a cane. On the porch he found the front door locked.

“Gates found himself locked out of his house, and he and his driver began pushing against the front door. (Thompson, 2009)” Professor Gate entered the house through the back door, turned off the house alarm, than opened the front door with the help of driver and let the driver go. (MacIntosh, 2009) Meanwhile Ms. Walen, Lucia (Incident Supplement record) called the police ant told two black men tried to force the door approximately at 12. 44 PM. and few minutes’ later police arrived. According the police report, the officer, Sgt. James Crowley, asked Mr. Gates to go outside and talk.

Mr. Gates refused and than Sgt. Crowley entered the house and asked Mr. Gates to identify himself. Gates showed him his Harvard ID and drive licence, which included his photos and address, then demanded that the officer identify himself. Two men started the squabble; Sgt. Crowley made two warrants to Mr. Gates (the second one with the handcuffs in his hands – Thompson, 2009). Mr. Gates went on the porch of his house and was arrested and transported to the police station.

Recently Professor Gates went to Trinity College in Dublin to have his DNA analyzed (O’Dowd, 2009) and found he was a descendent of Irish immigrant and slave girl, because his DNA partly matched the DNA of Niall of the Nine Hostages who started one of the dominant strains of Irish genealogy. (O’Dowd, 2009) According to his DNA he belongs to Irish ethnic group. However, in American society he is black because of dark skin color and because race is “socially constructed concept” (Gates, 2009)


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