Hazards and Changing Place Essay

Hazards and Changing Place Essay
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Hazards and Changing Place

Many have said that our planet Earth is mother to us all. With the ravaging tornadoes, typhoons and earthquakes that the world has experienced, with the sufferings and burdens brought about by these environmental disasters, the deaths, the losses and the change. And with the ongoing and still increasing records of undoable destructions, devastating effects and the unbearable pain due to the great looses laid upon the living by the Earth’s deeply hidden wrath, one could acknowledge the fact that mother Earth is not more of a loving and caring parent.

Shortly after these hazards have occurred, a place can figuratively still hold on and still have the chance of changing the course and even its features. Changes may occur right after and along time after these phenomena might happen. Places may rebuild themselves like the way they were before or they may reconstruct and form itself into a new one. During instances, after environmental disasters such as flood, tornadoes, thunderstorms, earthquakes and eruptions have occurred, places can change for the better and develops themselves in order to adapt to whatever might come again.

They often equip themselves with more advance technologies and gadgets in order for them to detect the presence of dangerous disasters earlier for them ready themselves. At the present time, natural disasters, like these have been very frequent in the face of the planet. It had been like these catastrophes are part of the evolving earth. Though they might have been here long before man has been, still the effects of these disasters are hardly taken by men. They have more of the power that man ever had.

As to now, many people declare that these catastrophic activities which are environmental in nature occur mostly on places wherein poverty, crimes and sin thrive. And some, associates religion to the happenings, occurrences and the effects of the disasters. They often call places which are frequently run over by these catastrophes as places cleaned up by God. And for some, these disasters are normal to the earth since they are brought and created by nature in reasons only the planet itself knows.

“And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and upon the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves, men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. ” One case regarding these places that have been severely struck by brutal calamities is Sri Lanka. It was in the in the early hours of December 26, 2004 when a lot of the homes, boats, belongings and live of the twenty thousand locals of Hambantota have been lost due to the destruction of a tsunami.

However, not only the lives and belongings of the victims of the tsunami have been carried away by it. The source of livelihood and the lives of the survivors have been seized by the disaster as well. After the tsunami, a lagoon which serves as a place for birds and fishes and a sanctuary for most of the wildlife in the place and also the source of the additional and prime income of most of the residents of the place have been cleaned up by the tsunami carrying with it the future of the people depending their living in the lagoon.

Now, the lagoon become a primary breeding grounds for disease-bearing insects and pests which largely puts the people of the site onto a greater peril of diseases such as malaria, encephalitis, dengue and other death causing sickness. A t present, still, the traces of the disaster could still be seen. However, much has been changed after the tsunami has happened. Projects for sanitation and rehabilitation have been launched by most of the government and private sectors of the society.

Though the projects made by these organizations can not totally eradicate the effects of the tragedy at an instant, it also helps the people of the place regain their hope that the place that they have been born and lived on and the place that the tsunami has taken away from them can still be restored. The projects launched in the place include cleaning and eliminating the trash and debris brought about by the tsunami. Today, they have already cleaned up almost one third of the entire place and though it is still far from the end, the clean up project can help them earn money and help stimulate the start of a new and better life for them.

Though it may still take more time before they have totally erased the destruction made by the disaster not only to their community but also to their lives, still, the faith of the people in reviving their place and their lives could be seen in their acts. Though the people have been fated with the consequences of the tsunami, still they believe that they have been blessed with having a chance to rebuild their place and their environment into a newer and better Hambantota. “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes.

But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs. ” (Matthew 24:7, 8) One thing that can be classified as a hazard in the history of the planet is the losses, pains and bloodshed done by warfare. Since history has been accounted, there have been many battles and wars written not only in history books and newspapers but also in the hearts and minds of the soldiers who have been engraved with pain and anger among enemies and of the civilians who had been victims and had suffered deeply from the injuries and outcomes of the rivalry.

One of the several places that have been victimized by oppositions between different nations is Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Early in the August 45, 1945, these two places endured the ache and the sufferings brought by the series of bombs dropped onto them during the final period of the world war not long before Japan surrendered as an indication of the ending of the war. The bomb definitely did a very devastating effect on that place. The bombs dropped off on the place immediately caused explosions, destructive blast pressure and radiation contact which then resulted to massive death and severe losses.

The stern products brought about by the blast almost resulted to the obliteration of both of the places on the map. As from great survival of men, Hiroshima today had really managed to stand after the war. These days the population of Hiroshima boomed to four hundred and ten thousand deeply going beyond its population before the war. This population burst was most dependent on the positive changes that have happened to the place after the war.

Today, Hiroshima has machinery, food processing and automotive as its chief industries that supplies most of its funds. The rebuilding efforts made by the people of Hiroshima had been done outstandingly. As a matter of fact Hiroshima’s outstanding changes have been acknowledged by one of the writers of Daily Sun. He said, “In today’s Hiroshima, bustling shopping centers line covered pedestrian malls and major department stores feature a range of merchandise almost as great as their Tokyo counterparts,”.

Far from the Hiroshima that has once been victim of man-caused disaster, Hiroshima now rises from the wreckage of its past. The disasters that caught the world’s attention and the most recent catastrophes have filled the everyday news; have caused many questions on the mentalities of most of the believers. Are these things that happen to the earth that takes the lives and properties of the people God’s judgment? Most of might say that this is a very simple question.

Though simple as may be, this has a very compound answer. Truly, these tremendous environmental and man-made disasters are not God’s will to eradicate the sinners and clean up the homes of the ill hearted and the unbelievers. One reason why there is a complete and strong stand in saying that is because these disasters do not pick or choose who is the righteous and who are not. Clearly, disasters just ramp on everything that gets on their way and eradicates everything that needs to be eradicated.

And the though that these disasters happen in places where most of the sinned dwells and people are more on the bad side that on the good side does not reside in the idea that these disasters have been sent on earth by God as a his judgment and prize for people who does not follow him. Undisputedly, still in the places where there have been cases like the hurricanes, thunderstorms, floods and earthquakes which had obliterate a thousand or even a million of the population of the globe, the people that have died and suffered in the peril, most likely are not sinners at all.

And if there were or if there are more sinners than the believers, still, the fact that there are good hearted sin those places and they have been included in the death list caused by the disaster cold not support the idea that the catastrophe have been sent by God. If they are sent by God for the judgment for the sinners, then why were the righteous not saved? This question leads back to the story of Noah and the flood. Clearly, before the flood happened and drowned the earth, god had managed to tell Noah what to do and therefore saving him and his family from the judgment.

It was indicated in the bible that during that time, Noah and his family were the only righteous for they are the only ones following god’s will and thus, because they were righteous they were saved from the only judgment made by god – the flood. Other examples of judgments of god to the sinners are the destruction of Sodom and the plaques on Egypt and in those two cases, the righteous were saved. These natural and man-made disasters were not god’s judgment on the sins done by man nor had he insisted on creating men that would obliterate its own race of his own life.

For in his judgments, the righteous would always be saved. The catastrophe that had been arriving into the planet just recently is clearly not god’s will for the sinners. These calamities are made in order for men to repent his sins and have his time to rebuild again and revive his own self for the better. For god always loves the righteous and he would not want them to be removed from this planet because he wants them to make the sinners repent and go back to him.


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