Global relocation Essay

Global relocation Essay
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Global relocation

As organization operations and activities example, the organization develops. Various organizations within an industry are usually in stiff competition in their production and marketing. Every organization strives to make the best, produce the best and also to earn the highest which determines the development of the organization. Organizations need to expand globally to maintain the competition and to make more in the industry, and the market. The expansion usually involves oversea operations.

To effectively involve in oversea operations, the human resource manager should have a thorough advance preparations to ensure that the assignment is given to well trained, qualified, and experienced personal who can effectively manage and undertake organizations activities and operations in other countries. The human resource manager should plan and implement relocation services for the organization, to ensure that the International or rather oversea assignees are prepared to work in the new countries, and cultures, with their need, and those of their family are met while doing the assignment, and after their return.

Introduction The concurrent sections of the paper will discuss organizations’ global relocation with regard to overseas assignments. Based on the fact that the business and society cultures of the two nations are different, the sections of the paper shall identify the necessary arrangements which the organization should make to ensure success of the assignment. Various relocation services shall be identified and discussed.

The paper is arranged in a way that the relocation services necessary before the actual assignment, analyzed first, as they prepare the assignee for the assignment, the services necessary to the assignee while in the new country follows, and the services necessary to support the assignee back to America after the assignment are the last to be identified and analyzes. All the tree groups of the services are equally vital for effectiveness of the organizations’ assignment. ADVANCE PREPARATIONS The cost of international assignments is usually high.

Any organization willing to expand globally, should understand, and consider these costs for effectiveness of the assignment, and the general expansion of the organization. Currently, many organizations are consider participating globally. More organization are likely to follow the trend due to the continually developing global economy. As the number of organizations are increasing, globalization continues to stabilize. Every organization should ensure that the human resource manager is involved in organizations decisions especially those related to international expansion.

They should note the implication of such decisions to the employees welfare. Such involvement enables the organizations’ human resource to function in a way that can enable the organization to develop commitments to globalization while considering other factors and fulfilling other important commitments. For effective participation of an organization to global operations, the involved employees should be assisted to effectively carry out the operations.

Not unless the organization’s human resource team work hand in hand with the employees, the organization’s decision and efforts to expand globally can fail. The human resource should extend the assistance to the employees family or spouse – in cases of married employees. This is important because they either depend on the employee, or they supports the employee. The organizations precedents determines the future expats (Black & Gregersen, 1999, p. 56). Business culture varies with nations.

For example, the American business culture is usually different to the Chinese business culture. What is valued in America, is likely to have no or less value in China. This becomes a challenge to any organization in America to expand it’s operations and activities in China. Such organizations should ensure that it’s expatriate have an understanding of the Chinese business culture. With the understanding and knowledge, the activities can be carried out effectively through effective relationship between the Chinese as the clients and the organization.

The organization should establish an expatriate package. Before the employee leaves a country for assignment in another country, the organization’s human resource should carry out an assessment to ensure that the employee is suitable for overseas post. This is important as it helps the organization to post the most qualified, experienced and willing employees, increasing chances of the organization to achieve it’s goals, and to develop globally.

Willing, qualified and experienced workers are motivated to work, and works at their best to benefit the organization and themselves, unlike the unwilling employees who wait to be pushed by the employer or the management team to perform their duties. International assignment exposes the assignee to new and challenging environment, and especially when the organization is doing the assignment for the first time in the country, the assignment becomes more of a risk with uncertainty, and ambiguity.

The organization should carry out a thorough evaluation to determine capable employees who can effectively cope with changes, the ambiguity, and someone can work patiently, patience is a necessity if the organization need to achieve the set goal. Once the organization’s human resource has evaluated the employees and has selected those who can work patiently, with uncertainty, and high level of ambiguity, it should make efforts to understand the expectations of the selected employees, and the organization’s with regard to the assignment.

Such expectations varies with individual employee, and organization. Some employee will expect the assignment to broaden their operating and relating skills, while others will expect the assignment to increase their investment (Black & Gregersen, 1999, p. 55). With the understanding the human resource, they can predict the participation of the employees. The best employees should work to meet their own expectations while meeting the organization’s expectations.

A thorough evaluation of the aptitude of the employees being posted for the organization’s international assignment, having a clear expectation, and developing effective innovative relocation program, the needs of the assignees can be met effectively, and the experience can be used meet needs of the organization’s future international assignees. Every employee has a way of interpreting the assignment with regard to the duration of the assignment, and the working hours the employee is expected to work in the country hosting the assignment.

The organization posting the employees for the assignment should have specified duration of the assignment, and the hours the posted employees are expected to work. This should be interpreted to the selected employees to enhance their understanding. In moist cases overseas assignments takes longer time than the estimated, so it is important to ensure that the employees to be posted, and their family of spouse are aware of the possibility of time extension, and should ensure the the maximum time is identified.

When employees are posted for overseas assignment, and the time of the assignment extends without a prior notice, their performance in the assignment reduces within the extended duration. Studies show reduced performance to be related with the employees psychology. Most of the expatriate prepare a budget to cover the assignment duration -whether an year or more. This means that additional assignment duration without a prior notice, excludes the added time in the budget, causing financial instabilities during the added time.

The organization should also explain the role of every employee being posted, the deliverables, and the new environment. This is important to both the employee being posted, their family or spouse. When the employees understand the environment they are going to face and the working hours, they can make advance personal arrangements which can help them adjust and cope with the environment easily, making their the organizations operations to start immediately, than without advance preparations which would mean making them while in the new country, and delay in starting the organization’s operations.

For example, if an organization decides to post it’s employees in a country known to be under the threat of Yellow Fever, a prior explanation of the issue will give the employees understanding, and will seek a preventive measure against the disease. They can get a vaccine, before leaving their country, so when they go to the other country, they are immure against the disease. They start their operations immediately. Without the knowledge, the expatriate would get in the new country, where they would learn about the diseases and start seeking preventive measures, delaying the organization’s activities and operations.

They may even fail get information regarding the disease until they are infected, and fall sick. This would mean extra expenses or even death, limiting the effectiveness of the assignment. Organization’s human resource should always ensure that the expectation of the employees being posted align with the organization’s expectations before recommending relocation program. This is important as it saves organization’s resources, and ensures the posted assignees are the best in experience and skills, as they stand better chances of carrying out the assignment effectively facilitating growth and development of the organization.


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