Eating and Tortoise Essay

Eating and Tortoise Essay
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Eating and Tortoise

Once upon a time, there was a cunning, selfish, arrogant, and greedy tortoise who knew there was going to hold a big feast in the sky which all the birds were invited to participate the feast. The birds were very happy and began prepared for everything by painting their bodies with a beautiful patterns. In other side, the tortoise that had not eaten a good meal for two days. So he was thinking how he would go to the sky. He went to the birds and asked if he could follow them or not.

At first, the birds did not want to help him, the birds sure have known him very well. But somehow, the tortoise conviced them that he had changed, and because of a sweet tongue the tortoise had, finally the birds agreed and gave him a feather. At last, the day that the tortoise have been waiting for, it finally came and he was the first one arrived there. He was chosen as the man to speak for the party because he was a great orator.

The next, he told them that each of them had to name themselves a new name for the occasion, the reason why is that the tortoise was known as a widely traveled man who knew the customs of different people, so they just listened and grabbed a name. Tortoise also took a name, which is called All of You. And when it began, he gave a good speech that made the birds felt glad to bring him in. And so, he was chosen as the king of the birds. Finally, the food is done, it was such a delicious one that he have ever seen.

Then, one of the people of the sky came and invited the birds to eat, but yet the tortoise jumped to his feet and asked for whom the feast he have prepared, and he answered all of you. When the birds heard it, soon they knew that they have been fooled by the tortoise. And so, the tortoise was the first one to eat the food, because he was chosen as the king of the birds, the birds were very angry and took back the feather he had lent. Now he could not fly to his home.

He asked the birds to take a message for his wife to put soft things cover the ground so when he jumped down he would be safe. No one helped him until the Parrot, who felt more angry than the others, helped him by telling his wife to put all the hard and sharp things to the ground. When he fell, he crashed to the ground, his shell broke into hundreds of pieces, then his wife took him to a great medicine man, he gathered all the shell and stuck them together. That is why te Tortoise’s shell is not smooth.


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