Computer Engineering Degree Essay

Computer Engineering Degree Essay
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Computer Engineering Degree

Computer Engineering combines Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and deals with the design and application of computer systems. These computer systems can range from large super computers to tiny microprocessors that are embedded in all kinds of equipment, such as automobiles, appliances, cellular phones, medical devices, office equipment, etc. The goal of the Computer Engineering is to provide students with a practical, hands-on education that emphasizes applications.

The Computer Engineering curriculum teaches students about computer hardware, software, integration, interfacing, and applications, with a strong emphasis on analysis and design. In their first two years, students obtain a solid foundation in mathematics and sciences. In their third year, students are introduced to a broad spectrum of computer engineering disciplines. In their senior year, students gain in-depth knowledge in elective areas of electrical engineering and computer science. In addition to solving technical problems, engineers must also be responsible and respected members of the community.

Therefore, the curriculum includes a range of general education courses to round out the students university education. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering is a 132-unit degree. Major requirements comprise 99 units, including mathematics, chemistry and physics prerequisites. The remaining 33 units are in general education. Careers in Computer Engineering Graduates of Computer Engineering have a variety of exciting options available to them. Many get high-paying jobs in industry where they engage in the design, analysis, testing, manufacturing and servicing of electronic computer equipment and software.

High technology companies in the fields of electronic and computer manufacturing, communications, robotics and control all hire computer engineers. The Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering also prepares the student for a continuation of studies in a variety of fields. Graduates can go on to obtain a MS or Ph. D. degree in an area of specialization in electrical engineering or computer science or they may decide to obtain a Masters in Business Administration, Law or Medicine.


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