Boardgames and Its Computer Version Essay

Boardgames and Its Computer Version Essay
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Boardgames and Its Computer Version

With the rapid advancements of technology during our time, computerized version of classic boardgames had come out in the open for all ages during this generation. The issue of preference continues to be indecisive for players since both the traditional boardgames and its computerized counterparts have their own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the choice is still left to those who patronize and support each side. It can be remembered before the initial discovery of computerized boardgames; the game is played in a traditional way where players are together in the same room and enjoying the benefits that the game has to offer.

Now, there had been a constant shift from the traditional use of boardgames to a computerized version. This paper aims to look into the how these computerized version of boardgames affect players. Also, the paper will look into the advantages and disadvantages of using a technological innovation rather than the traditional type. In conclusion, the paper will answer the question as to whether computerizing boardgames is just waste of technology or not. The paper will first discuss about the advantages of using a computer boardgames.

Then followed by its disadvantages and lastly is answering the question in the conclusion part. Eliminates the notion of multiple players Having a computerized type of boardgame eliminates the idea of requiring two or more players to start a game. A computerized boardgame can compensate for a single player who wishes to play a two to a multi-player game. Enhancing game play and competition In a traditional type of boardgame, the player cannot choose who it wants to play with, an opponent maybe a beginner or an expert in a specific game.

Thus, the game play for the player may be an advantage and disadvantage. On the other hand, for a computerized boardgame, the player can opt to customize the settings for an enhanced game play and competition. Plus, the computer can even adapt to the style and action that the player does. This makes a computerized boardgame more challenging. Increasing Visual Intelligence This advantage applies to children. The ability to start playing in a computer environment enables them to increase visual intelligence and be further adept with the use of computers in the future (Gross, et. al.

, 2000) Thus, children using computerized boardgames can facilitate increased cognitive skills and increased computer literacy. (Gross, et. al. , 2000) Bridging the gap between the sexes Traditional boardgames are sometimes played with gender preferences. Thus, mostly there had been biases on certain boardgames that requires a certain expertise of either a male or a female. With the development of computerized boardgames, people can now be able to play without gender biases. (Gross, et. al. , 2000) Before, there were notions that computers were meant only for boys, but this had been addressed by through time.

Now, there is an even opportunity for boys and girls in the use of computers. This so also applies with the use of computer boardgames. Increases one’s self esteem Computer boardgames can help increase a player or people’s self-esteem. (Gross, et. al. , 2000) This especially applies to those people who have a high tendency of losing in a traditional type of playing boardgames. With the function of enabling the customization of settings in a computerized boardgame can help make the player win if he/she wants to. Meeting new people and cultures

Now with the rising importance of computers and an internet connection, people can now avail of playing a computer boardgame online with other people around the world. Thus, it is now possible for a person who plays a computer boardgame to communicate and interact with cultures around the world. Furthermore, this enables a player to exercise his knowledge and skills of a particular boardgame to other players which enables sharing of information of a certain boardgame that the players like to play. The next section of the paper will try to discuss the setbacks of using computer version of boardgames.

The traditional way Other people will try to argue that there is no other better way of playing a boardgame by playing it live with other players. It is in this actual game that the real excitement happens. Players can feel the excitement and happiness that the game has to offer rather in a computer monitor. Another thing that can be seen in the traditional way of playing boardgames is the satisfaction that a player gets when it wins. Being able to beat a fellow player is better than being able to beat a computer who has been programmed to have artificial intelligence.

In a sentimental manner, playing a traditional kind of boardgame can foster quality time and rekindle friendships and relationships with old friends. This kind of feeling of quality time with friends seems to be very unlikely if you are faced in a monitor playing a computer boardgame. Physical and Sociological Disadvantages This section of the paper will try to discuss about the sociological disadvantages of using a computer boardgame. Displacement of other activities Having a computer as an opponent in a computer boardgames can entail huge hours of gameplay.

It can be observed however in this instance that there can be displacement of other activities that a person needs to do. (Gross, et. al. , 2000) Compared to a traditional boardgame, the gameplay depends on the availability of players and their willingness to continue further. Instead of doing other productive things, a player is stuck playing in front of the computer. A study suggests that this wastage of time is evident to both adults and the young generation. (Gross, et. al. , 2000) Physical Effects Obesity

Clinical studies show that people who spend most of their time using the PC are often going to experience or experiencing obesity. (Gross, et. al. , 2000) The couch-potato attitude increases the risk of obesity among PC users. This is because of the lack of physical activity of the person which leads to such problem. Seizures, hand injury, and others Other common physical effects are experiencing seizures and hand injury among players. (Gross, et. al. , 2000) Hand injury can be attained with prolonged use of the computer. On the other hand, seizures can be attained due to the flashes of light emitted by a certain game on the PC.

(Gross, et. al. , 2000) Other than the two mentioned, there are still few injuries that the body can get. This includes eye strain, sore back, and stiff neck. Only Visual… As the paper has mentioned, an advantage of a computer boardgame is the visual development it can give to a child. However, the idea of cognitive skill seems to be not taken fully into consideration. (Gross, et. al. , 2000) But, it must be clear to point out that PC boardgames do offer certain cognitive skills and is a positive effect but for it to benefit a child it must be holistic in nature.

Individual Development The next disadvantage revolves around the issue of individual development, in particular, the role of a child’s social interaction and development. (Gross, et. al. , 2000) Excessive use of the PC for a child may lead to difficulties in communicating with other people. (Gross, et. al. , 2000) Furthermore, a player’s values may be molded by the PC depending on the theme it pertains to. At an extreme sense, people may become imbibed with violence that for them it is a norm that can be done. (Gross, et. al. , 2000) Disruption to time

Another consequence of PC boardgames is the distraction it does to time particulary in education for children and work for adults. (Gross, et. al. , 2000) Instead of children concentrating on studying and reviewing their lesions, they are stuck in the monitor of the PC trying to finish and accomplish the objectives of the game/s. Creates a feeling of Loneliness and Depression As it has been mentioned, studies show that it hampers certain aspect of individual development. The next disadvantage can be associated also with individual development.

Having to spend most of a person’s time in a PC, they can’t really interact well with other people. Thus, they may seek more time on their PC. It won’t be long till they feel loneliness, which in the extreme sense could even lead to depression. Thus, loneliness and depression are also another setback with excessive PC use. (Gross, et. al. , 2000) Encourages cheating and a perceived reality Every game now in a PC has their own weakness that is why cheats can be seen posted in many websites and gaming channels.

This somehow creates a negative value for users especially children because it tolerates the value of cheating over honesty. (Gross, et. al. , 2000) Another implication is the ability of a player to perceive its own reality basing it from the game it’s playing. This is true particularly with children; they sometimes interact and communicate with simulated characters and creatures. (Gross, et. al. , 2000) Conclusion To conclude, computer boardgames are not a waste of technology but rather a help to make players choose what best suite their needs.

There are advantages and disadvantages present in the use of computer boardgames. Thus, the option is still left to the player or person who wants to play given the situation or predicament. But it must be remembered that everything done excessively is bad, that is why moderation is important in this aspect. Works Cited Gross, E. F. , Kraut, R. E. , and Subrahmanyam K. (2000) The Impact of Home Computer Use on Children’s Activities and Development. The Future of Children, 10, Retrieved December 18 2006, from http://links. jstor. org/sici? sici=1054-8289%28200023%2F24%2910%3A2%3C123%3ATIOHCU%3E2. 0. CO%3B2-R


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