Ap Human Geography Final Essay

Ap Human Geography Final Essay
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Ap Human Geography Final

Globalization has many definitions in the concept of human geography, but there’s one that really sums it up perfectly: globalization is the world becoming more connected, through trade, financial flows, the exchange of technology and information, and the movement of people. Now, globalization affects many places in many ways, negatively and positively. One place especially: Africa. We all know Africa is a poor, underdeveloped country, especially compared to rich, highly developed countries like America or Europe.

Despite that fact, Africa is on the rise, thanks to globalization. According to a recent article by The Epoch Times, of the world’s fastest growing economies, 5 of the top 12 and 11 of the top 20 are now in Africa. The globalization of technology in Africa is making the continent more connected to the rest of the world economically, politically, and socially. Globalization of democratic governmental practices (democracy, neoliberalism, etc. ) are transforming African governments into positive, sustainable governments.

A sustained world commodity price increase and globalization of African commodities have also had a great impact on economic growth. Although globalization has had a big positive impact on countries in Africa, there are still some negative aspects. A known impact of globalization is loss of diversity. This seems to be the in Africa’s economic growth, which seems to be headed in undiversified directions. As many countries are benefiting from globalization in Africa, many countries are left behind.

As a result of negative globalization, Africa has been portrayed as a poor, war-torn, unsanitary, unstable, famine-infested, place with low-living standards. This does not attract tourism and foreign exchange, which Africa so desperately needs in order to sustain economic growth and development. Of the positive and negative aspects of globalization on Africa, there are still many challenges to Africa’s development and globalization impact.

For example, concerns have been raised on the shape of economic growth. As I said before as a negative impact of globalization in Africa, Africa’s economy is growing in undiversified directions. That will be a challenge for Africa, whether it can turn that around and have the economy grow in diversified directions, as not to lead to cronyism (the practice of favoring one’s close friends, especially in political appointments) and misgovernment.

Another aspect of globalization is neoliberalism (a modern political-economic theory favoring free trade, privatization, minimal government intervention in business, reduced public expenditure on social services, etc. ) as adopted by the United States. A challenge for Africa is whether they will adopt this practice through globalization and stand by it. As I said before, many countries are left behind as parts of Africa become more globalized, and that will definitely be a challenge for Africa as to whether they can produce economic growth and globalization and stabilize it in all countries.

Africa will also need to ensure economic security for the whole continent as globalization spreads. Basically, globalization has had many positive and negative impacts on Africa, and has come with many challenges. Although Africa is still pretty low on the totem pole, as time goes on hopefully as globalization continues to spread throughout the continent, the positive impacts will surpass the negative and Africa will overcome its challenges.?


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