Action Plan of the cooperative food Essay

Action Plan of the cooperative food Essay
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Action Plan of the cooperative food

What do they do about their plan.The plan will take according to year ahead. That means when any employee join in the organization they will be sitting with the manager they have to make a plan about their targets. Target means what is their vision and objectives. When they set their plan they would be planning on that.After that they do. Do refers what r u going to do and how are u going to do? So its like whatever their vision and objective. Accordingly their employee they have to do their work and they done their vision and objective. Next they will be reviwed that means where are they and what trac are they? And are they satisfying their customer or customers giving feedback. Those things are rivewed. And later it will be evaluated. On evaluation overall performance will be evaluated. According to how they have treat customers support and customers satisfaction. Every company has some strengths and weekness. Cooperative has also some proble. In Amstrong theory we find that company concentrate on their mission,vision and objective. In cooperative they have vision and objective but they don’t have mission. They calculate vision is a mission. Because they don’t know what is their mission? They have something lacking.

They don’t care of their employee they always concern about their company that means customers. If we consider Blake Mouton Theory we will find that manager never follow middle of the road management. Manager follow impoverished management. In this particular theory company gives more concentrate on production not on the employee. Amstrong want to manageing people but cooperative follow their own style,because their thing is customer is more important than employee. They want to be best cooperative store in the uk. That’s what they want to expand their company. They concernless about their employee. For example. If any employee are going to out of the org they wont identified him or they wont recognized him. If any employee claim that,I stayed here three years,but I did not get any promossion or I did not get anything. They will said ok,if u r not happy u can go out. They never consider about their employees hardwork only they consider how employees cooperative with customer. And what are the feedback from the customer and the productivity.They always want to finish their work just on time. They always gives emphasis on service and availability so that customer offer and great service is delivered.


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